About us

(Cole Peters, 2017)

The People’s Film Club is a network of activists from across the UK that use film and cinema to promote LGBT rights around the world.

We believe in the total and uncompromisable rights of all individuals to enjoy freedom and equality regardless of their sexuality, wherever in the world they may be.

This movement was born in response to the detention and torture of LGBT people in Chechnya in 2017. Our ambition is to use this network to not only raise vital funds for LGBT activist groups working on the ground in Chechnya, but also to raise awareness amongst the British public of the barbaric consequences of homophobia.

We organise digitally, and we are not based in a single location – through this we hope to encourage the inclusion of members from across the country, and to further the reach of our campaigns on a truly national scale.

You can get involved through bringing screenings of Paragraph 175 to your local community, or by contacting us and helping to organise The People’s Film Club on a national scale.